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Naruto Matchup
Who's the kunai to your shuriken?
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Welcome to Naruto Matchup! We are a proud stamping community that specializes in finding your match from the series of Naruto. Provided you read and abide the rules thoroughly, we're a very nice community and will try to get you matched ASAP. Ready to find your true Naruto love?
8th-Jan-2011 11:55 pm - NARUTO STAMPING COMMUNITY
freja b. e. → in the floating world
Mod, feel free to delete this if pimping isn't allowed!


Join ninjafy - the first and most active Naruto stamping community. You'd find out whose your Naruto twin (in terms or personality and mirror) and get to participate in interesting themes including: Who does your team consist of, Which clan do you belong to and etc.
12th-Jun-2008 03:32 am(no subject)
delete this if its not allowed

'Tis new. join here @ narutomirror
14th-May-2008 11:56 am - Dattebayo =/= Believe IT!

Please post links to 3 applications you voted in:
un, deux, trois
9th-Apr-2008 09:46 pm - Dattebayohomo.
I'm here playing YOUR game, Serina.Collapse )
Please post links to 3 applications you voted in:
Here, there, and everywhere.
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