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welcome to the antverse


Name: Ant
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Number of stamps: [at this community] None?

Likes: Sparkly things, wearing pyjamas, coffee, colouring in, anime, writing
Dislikes: taking public transport, loud noises, snakes
Favorite Food/Drink: cup noodles, eggs benedict, coffee
Favorite Color: sunshine yellow
Hobbies: writing, sleeping, drawing

What do you like about yourself? Pretty much everything. I'm awesome.
What about you would you change? I'd be more motivated and have loads more money.
What is your motive in life? To write an awesome novel so that I can have my very own fandom!!
What's your favorite animal/object? Why? Dogs! They are so cute and lovable and snuggly! My favourite object would probably be sparkly glitter pens, because they're sparkly and glittery.

Choose the one that applies to you the most.

Leader or Follower? Leader. I generally make decent decisions and can work with people to get the best out of them. I'm an okay follower too, I can take my place in a team or whatever. LOL, I feel like I'm at a job interview!
Outgoing or Shy? I'm shy around people I don't know, but outgoing otherwise.
Good or Evil? Good. Evil usually loses and dresses badly.
Loud or Quiet? Quiet. Loud stuff bugs me.
Looks or Personality? Probably personality. If someone has a great personality you generally like them enough so that they seem good-looking to you. (Does that even make sense?)

Favorite character? Sasuke.
Least favorite character? The stupid hat kid from the Wave arc.
Are you looking for male or female? Male.
Turn-Ons? Shoulders, nice broad shoulders. A sexy voice. And a square jawline. And funny, they have to be funny.
Turn-Offs? Bad hair, creepy eyes, bad-smelling.

How would you want to die? Something fast but spectacular.
Do you fight with teamwork or are you fighting alone? Probably teamwork, I like to know someone has my back.
Are you scarred by your past? Yes. I think most people are to some extent.
Explain your dream date. Does it have to be realistic? Because if not, we'd like fly to the moon and have a picnic of different cheeses and point sandwiches, while watching the world from afar. If it does, then maybe we'd just play playstation and eat chips or something to get to know each other better.
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