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Naruto Matchup
Who's the kunai to your shuriken?
4th-Aug-2008 12:59 am
jon (got)

The Basics

Name: Reanna
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Number of stamps: [at this community] N/a
If you're getting a re-stamp, please explain who you were matched with and why you want a re-stamp. Also, post links to 5 applications you voted in: N/A

Likes: anime/manga, fiction novels, history, hanging out with friends, my computer, music, Rps, AMVs, fanfiction, badmiton, Dark Knight, video games.
Dislikes: Haters, most movie remakes, the Eragon movie, P.E., waiting.
Favorite Food/Drink: Ramen or Fishsticks/Sprite and Root Beer
Favorite Color: Red
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, reading, Rps, making AMVs, downloading music.

Essay Section [don't really write an essay, but go into detail the most here]

What do you like about yourself? I like my eyes, because up close they are a pretty shade of blue. I like that I don't take crap from people. I can be comfrontational if the moment really calls for it.
What about you would you change? My shyness.
What is your motive in life? Live day by day.
What's your favorite animal/object? Why? I like most animals, but I grew up with dogs, so they're my favorite. I like the way they are generally loving. I love my computer, I couldn't survive without it.
Describe yourself in no more than three words. Quiet, stubborn, friendly

Are you...

Leader or Follower? I can be both. I tend to take somethings all onto myself, but other times I just like to kick back and be told what to do.
Outgoing or Shy? Outgoing when I'm around people I really know, otherwise shy.
Good or Evil? I like to think I'm more good then evil.
Loud or Quiet? As above, I tend to be louder and come out of my shell when I'm around people I know. To others I'm very quiet.
Looks or Personality? Personality, because when it comes down to it, loving someone isn't a beauty pagent, you need to love them for themselves.


Favorite character? Naruto
Least favorite character? Probably Madara at this point.
Are you looking for male or female? Male
Turn-Ons? Fun-loveing, happy, teasing, able to give as well as take, at least a little bit of sarcasm.
Turn-Offs? Arrogent, stuck up, self obsorbed

How would you want to die? Painlessly.
Do you fight with teamwork or are you fighting alone? I can do either, but I generally like to have back up, so teamwork.
Are you scarred by your past? Maybe a bit, but I've come out stronger because of it.
Explain your dream date. We could do anything as long as we enjoy eachother's company.

Please post links to 3 applications you voted in:

1. http://community.livejournal.com/naruto_matchup/27537.html?view=232593#t232593
2. http://community.livejournal.com/naruto_matchup/26930.html?view=232754#t232754
3. http://community.livejournal.com/naruto_matchup/26823.html?view=233159#t233159
25th-May-2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna say Asuma . By your answers you seem generally laid back with a desire to joke around. He's a heavy smoker though... but I'm guessing your stubborness could make him quit the habit pretty quick. *cracks whip* ;)
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