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Naruto Matchup
Who's the kunai to your shuriken?
Dattebayo! ...ヽ(o`/皿\′o)ノ (゚/Д\゚|||) 
26th-May-2009 10:46 pm
Yoooo. I'm pretty new, so to make my intro I present you with Itachi x Itachi emoticons in my heading :)

The Basics

Name: Lisa Kezia Blaque.
I'm immortal, just so you know. [869,945.]
Astrological Sign:Western: Leo.
Number of stamps: [at this community]: 0
If you're getting a re-stamp, please explain who you were matched with and why you want a re-stamp. Also, post links to 5 applications you voted in:

Likes:Artsy Fartsy things, metaphors, sitting at cafes, nature, learning, literature, photography, expirementation, animals, music, cycling, and walking around when the night sky is glittered up.
Dislikes: Ignorance, closed minded people, depressed people, whining, copy cats, and egos
Favorite Food/Drink: Vanilla lattes/ Fruit tea.
Favorite Color:Green/ Electric Blue
Hobbies:Day dreaming, playing guitar, playing a variety of drums [including African & American.],going to shows/concerts, sketching, painting,journalism, photography, henna tattooing, bonfires, walking around, traveling, and anything that can relax me.

Essay Section [don't really write an essay, but go into detail the most here]

What do you like about yourself? My open mindedness towards practically everything, and my ability to debate to top that off. As well how much I try to keep my life green [organic, vegan, more earth friendly], well balanced... etc. Probably my ability to be open minded and take hold of convictions, being able to control them with certain bias opinions.
What about you would you change? If I changed, then would it really be me? Other then perhaps shedding some unwanted pounds, I'm pretty content about how not-as-messed-up I am :)
What is your motive in life? The night is always darkest before the dawn./ When life gives you lemons, make lime juice and everyone will wonder how the fuck you did it.
What's your favorite animal/object? Why? Wolf, independent yet know how to work with others, strong, active, and always howl to the moon. Owl, a wise and comforting character that always seems to give off a bit of a curious vibe, and likes to shout at random people.
Describe yourself in no more than three words. Open. Generous. Mysterious.

Are you...

Leader or Follower?A leader that becomes a follower to make the other followers a leader.
Outgoing or Shy?Outgoing.
Good or Evil?A good person that use to be evil.
Loud or Quiet? Quiet, but loud on call.
Looks or Personality? Looks narrow things down to then find the personality.


Favorite character?Kakashi, Neji, Itachi.
Least favorite character?Sakura, Ino, Sasuke.
Are you looking for male or female? Mostly male, but female is fine.
Turn-Ons? Tease, Humor, Sarcasm, Smart ass, cool hair, calm, intelligent, body modifications [tattoos/piercings], playfulness, a bit polite.
Turn-Offs? Egos, shyness, ignorance, people with no common sense, body builders, chicks with raging muscles, really short hair.

How would you want to die? Content and with meaning, something that would make people think afterward. I want to die leaving people with a question that would linger their minds for a bit.
Do you fight with teamwork or are you fighting alone? Usually alone, but likes teamwork.
Are you scarred by your past? Yeah... in fact i cut myself eve- naw. Scars are just another word for certain aspects in your life.
Explain your dream date. Surprise me.
Please post links to 3 applications you voted in:


27th-May-2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
I'm so torn between most of the serious characters in Naruto for you ... like Neji or kakashi... but reading the turn on's and offs.... I gotta say Jiraiya. in the end.
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